FArmington Emergency Medical Team, Inc.

Farmington First Responders

In 2010 it became apparent that our 22 year old emergency vehicle is showing its age and we need to start planning for its eventual replacement. Our current truck, a customized 4wd Ford E250 van, affectionately called “1195” has served us well,  but has some serious limitations for our future needs. We currently can only safely seat two persons in the vehicle; storage space is limited and adaptability for future needs is questionable.


Our members have been seriously researching what is available and what will meet our needs for the next fifteen or twenty years, as our current 1195 has faithfully done. We have narrowed down our selection to a vehicle manufactured by McCoy Miller of Indiana. It will be similar to our current 1195, based upon a Ford E350 van and it will be modified to 4wd by Quigley Motor Company.  The big difference with the new vehicle is it will have an elevated roof, have customized cabinetry inside and will be able to accommodate future equipment upgrades.


We have been saving money for this purchase and had approximately $45,000 put aside. The vehicle priced out at $85,000, but there will be some expense to install our radio communication and other equipment. We borrowed $45,000 for its purchase, and have $15,000 put aside for debt service. Our old “1195” was just sold for $7,000 and we are awaiting a $4,000 rebate on the new truck. So the net result we have to raise $14,475 in the next three years to pay off the note.


This was the least expensive vehicle we have found which will have the ability to provide shelter for our patients from the elements while we await the responding ambulance. A quote for a 4wd rescue vehicle with a 12 foot walk in box was $150,000. Another quote for a 4wd pickup chassis with a refurbished type 1 ambulance body was $110,000.

We took delivery of our new truck, now called “Farmington Rescue 1” the 3rd week of September, 2011, which went in service October 28th.

“Rescue 1” Has Arrived!