FArmington Emergency Medical Team, Inc.

Farmington First Responders

We are starting our fourth year in our training and administrative building. The building has been everything we had hoped for and more. Thanks for the forethought and planning, operational costs are lower than expected. This is due to help from Focus on Energy and Steve Meyer of Jackson Electric Cooperative for expertise. Heating costs for our first full year was $361.61.


The building is heated with off-peak electricity using a thermal mass heat storage system installed by Anderson Digging & Heating of Mindoro. While this was economical, during long term power outages we had no backup source of heat. Early last spring, we installed a backup propane furnace wired capable of being powered by a portable generator, if needed. This also allowed us to add air conditioning to the building. To date, the total cost of purchase and remodeling of our building is $52,389.68.


We did have one major issue, however, with the renovation of this historic building.  It was readily apparent, and some people expressed concern over it, was the failure of the polyurethane sprayed on the steel roof. We had noticed some small bubbles near the peak of the roof in late summer, however they disappeared late in the fall.  During last winter large sheets of the coating began peeling off. After consulting with the contractor who applied the coating, it was determined that the epoxy primer coating that was applied to the bare metal had failed, and the polyurethane had no adhesion to the metal. The contractor refunded the entire cost of the work the firm did on the building. A second firm was retained who removed the remaining loose polyurethane coating, and then placed a conventional primer and paint on the roof.


Long term plans for the building, after we replace our squad and retire the needed debt to pay for it, is to construct an office addition to the rear of the building, and to add a backup generator.

Our HOme

Project Finished

Before we started

Building to the north after the 1960 fire. Current location of the Post Office.

Our building after fire

In 1960

Our Building about 1910 on right