FArmington Emergency Medical Team, Inc.

Farmington First Responders

Values statement


Our Mission and Our Citizens Deserve Our Best


To achieve our mission we must turn our ideas into action, be pioneers in our field, contributors of knowledge, inventors of solutions and explorers of ideas.


We should be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, and support the organization and its mission through personal commitment, professionalism, good character, pride, honesty, and teamwork.


We expect our service to our citizens to be worthy, vigorous, resourceful, courteous and reliable.


We strive to turn our mistakes into opportunities, and our limitations into creativity.


We treat those we serve fairly, with compassion, and respect regardless of their race, color, creed, sex, age, lifestyle, national origin, religion, or economic status.


We demand the best of ourselves and the people that work with us.


Our Organization Should Be a Good Place to Volunteer


The health and safety of our citizens and volunteers will be top priority.


As an organization, we should prize the creative participation of each person who volunteers here, welcome the open exchange of ideas and foster the practice of creative listening.


We have the duty to encourage the personal well-being and career development of every person, regardless of rank: or position.


We Should Do Our Work with Regard For One Another


We recognize the individuality of everyone who volunteers here, and we treat one another with respect, kindness and a sense of the importance of teamwork.


We should foster a spirit of excellence throughout the organization, so that we may better serve our citizens.


We Recognize the Essential Qualities of our Organization


The desire to serve.

The ability to perform.

The courage to act.

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